Rubber Cleaning Gloves Kitchen Dishwashing Glove 2-Pair,Waterproof Reuseable, Made in Korea-RK-THRG

Size: Medium
Unit: Two pairs
Sale price$14.95


  • ISO 9001 certified. Made in Korea, No.1 for kitchen & home rubber gloves. 60 years of manufacturing history
  • Multipurpose:Can be used in Kitchen Cleaning, Dishwashing,CAR WASH,Indoor and outdoor cleaning,To prevent hand skin contact with corrosive liquids.
  • Made of natural raw rubber: Safe for skin, No harm to hands, No skin trouble. No harmful color compounds by using Hoechst Stain
  • Elastic gloves are suitable for most palms,Gloves in the design of the particles increased friction, to provide you with better grip.
  • Non-slip texture surface provides a safe grip. Smooth, soft, flexible, elastic

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